faq/about me





Where are you from? 

from my mom lol

How tall are you?

6’ 1”

How many followers do you have?

Who cares? sorry but i think that it doesn’t matter

How long you’d ur Tumblr?

since October 2010

What do you think of yourself?

Well actually I don’t know what to say lol , I’m in love with the art, music, photography, books (I think so) , and ME! :D you know what i’m saying, so, i’m 22 years old, male, no drugs …..yes no drugs and amm Well now thats all over

follow back?

sometimes just follow blogs interesting and to my liking

How do i get music mp3 player?

I use Billy and its amazing! obviously there’re more players but i like this! easy and cool! but u can only have 5 songs  

How do you describe this feeling? I've only ever dreamt of this...
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